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1 HD Music TV

1HD Music Television is the first Russian music and entertainment TV channel created and broadcasting in Full HD format.

11 канал (Пенза)

12 канал (Омск)

GTRK-Omsk - TV and radio company of the Omsk region; a holding company that unites TV (24-hour Channel 12), radio and its own news agency.


2x2 (Russian: Дважды два, English: "Twice Two") is a Russian television channel. Founded in 1989, it was the first commercial TV station in the Soviet Union (USSR).

360° Новости

360° Подмосковье

43 канал Туапсе HD

47 канал

7 TV

78 (телеканал)

86 канал (Сургут)

9 Волна

Bridge TV

Bridge TV Hits

Bridge TV Русский Хит

Российский музыкальный телеканал.

Earth TV

Earth TV (stylised as earthTV) is a German satellite television network, which airs live broadcasts from its camera network around the world.

Europa Plus TV

Europa Plus TV is a joint global project of the European Media Group, Russia's largest broadcasting holding, and Red Media, a leading manufacturer and distributor of thematic TV channels for satellite and cable broadcasting.

Fresh TV

Insight TV

Joy Cook


Телевизионный магазин уникальных товаров

Leomax Plus

Телевизионный магазин уникальных товаров


Luxury TV

Music Box Gold

MusicBox Gold is a music TV channel that broadcasts popular video clips of Russian and foreign performers. The TV channel is part of the world music television network - the MusicBox group.

Music Box RU

MusicBox Russia is a Russian music TV channel broadcasting since 2004, the program concept of which consists of Russian-language video clips that are aired as part of thematic music blocks and music charts.


Российский музыкальный телеканал

Ocean TV

Pulse Dance Music Channel

Radio Mediametrics

Redcom TV

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