Flosss Story | The Dumping Ground: Im Floss

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An EXCLUSIVE piece of content from The Dumping Ground series 8. We re-cap on TDG characters, who they are, where theyre from and their life up until now.

This is Floss story, where she talks re-caps on her time living in TDG. Floss isnt sure she could name just ONE of her many talents - could it be her trumpet playing? Her eye for fashion? Or her screen work? Her sweet tooth ended up getting her in trouble, when she was visiting a potential foster carer who owned a cake shop - Floss was sure this was her happy ending, only for her temper to get the better of her. Turns out she didnt need them anyway, as luck would have it she found out she had a brother... Ross!

CBBCs The Dumping Ground has been on air for EIGHT seasons - its one of CBBCs biggest television drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people who live in a care home with their care workers. The Dumping Ground Floss has been in the CBBC series since the beginning.

The series is a continuation of Tracy Beaker Returns.

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Published: 2021-06-09

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