Chuggington | Train Tracks ?| ?Songs Compilation | CBeebies

Chuggington | Train Tracks ?| ?Songs Compilation | CBeebies

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Sing along to the CBeebies Chuggington songs compilation, aka Chuggington "Train Tracks", starring your favourite Chuggington characters and featuring fun train songs for kids from the popular train cartoon show Chuggington. If you like train videos and train songs then this is the childrens songs compilation for you!

Choose your favourite song to sing along to below (turn on subtitles to sing along karaoke style!)

00:00 Chuggington Theme Song
00:53 Lets Train Together
02:05 Celebrate Chuggington
03:24 Roll With It
04:20 Feel Like A Winner

Chuggington is a train cartoon for kids following the adventures of the Trainees, Koko, Wilson, Brewster and their Chugger friends. Chuggington is a special place where all the trains talk, think and dont need drivers!

CBeebies is dedicated to delighting and surprising its pre-school audience and it remains the UKs most watched and most loved channel for the under-sixes.

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TV channel: BBC CBeebies

Published: 2022-01-07

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