Freddies Racism Storyline | Jamie Johnson | CBBC

Freddies Racism Storyline | Jamie Johnson | CBBC

Jamie Johnson has never been a show to shy away from big and important issues. In Series 6, with just minutes remaining in a big cup match, Freddie hears something shouted at him by a rival fan. After he tells his teammates that he has, in fact, been racially abused this sets off a chain of events that rocks Phoenix FC to its core.

Is Freddie sure about what he heard? Should the team abandon the match? If they do, will Phoenix get thrown out of the tournament? While there are no easy answers, Freddie and his friends learn that some things in life are more important than football.

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Jamie Johnson has a dream and some serious football skills. Join Jamie and his mates as they struggle to make it as footballers while dealing with all the drama that life throws at them.

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TV channel: BBC CBBC HD

Published: 2021-12-31

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