CBeebies Party Time with Justin Fletcher! ??| Party Games For Children ?

CBeebies Party Time with Justin Fletcher! ??| Party Games For Children ?

Justins House star Justin Fletcher visits the CBeebies House to play childrens party games with CBeebies Presenter Ben! Join in the fun and play party games for children with Justin and Ben, including the cotton wool game "Cotton Wool Chaos", The Pointing Game and Justins special Justins House version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey called "Put the Party Hat on Little Monster"! Justin Fletcher has some great party games ideas for kids! Find out how to play the games below:

Game 1: Cotton Wool Chaos
Each person will need a bowl and a spoon and between you have a big pile of cotton wool balls, or small soft items such as screwed up old newspaper pieces. Set the clock for 1 minute and using your spoon, try to scoop as many cotton wool balls as possible into your bowl. After 1 minute, stop playing and the winner has the most cotton wool balls in their bowl.

Game 2: The Pointing Game
Play in pairs. One person is the pointer and the other person is the looker. On the count of three the looker will look up or down and at the same time the pointer has to point up or down to guess which way the looker will go. If the pointer guesses correctly, they win, but if they guess wrong, then the looker wins that round. Play as many rounds as you like!

Game 3: Put The Party Hat on Little Monster
Draw or find a picture of Little Monster, or one of your favourite CBeebies friends. Decorate some triangular pieces of cardboard, to make your party hats. Ask an adult to help stick your CBeebies friend picture to a wall, easel or you could use magnets to stick it to the fridge. Each person takes a party hat and some sticky tack and takes turn to spin around three times before quickly sticking their hat to the picture. The person who gets their hat on top of our CBeebies friends head (or closest) is the winner! And at the end of the game you can all enjoy what a funny hat picture you have made together.

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Published: 2021-12-30

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