Ugandan troops launch operation in Democratic Republic of Congo| Inside Story

Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo are joining forces to fight one of the most lethal armed groups in Congo.
Ugandan soldiers have crossed into Democratic Republic of Congo to take on the Allied Democratic Forces, also known as the ADF.
The group is blamed for violence in eastern DRC thats led to hundreds being killed and thousands forced from their homes.
The violence is not just limited to Congo.
Uganda says the ADF is responsible for several attacks on its soil, including three suicide bombings in Kampala last month.
Not everyone supports this mission.
Some in Democratic Republic of Congo do not trust Uganda.
They accuse Kampala and Rwanda of creating instability in their country.

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen


Godber Tumushabe - Associate Director, Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies

Nelleke van de Walle - Project Director for the Great Lakes Region, International Crisis Group

David Otto - Counter-terrorism Expert

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TV channel: Al Jazeera English

Published: 2021-12-01

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