Deadly Distractions: Worry & Anxiety - Charlie Blythe from A21 | TBN Presents |

"You cant claim to believe in the scripture and then live as an eternal worrier."

Worry and anxiety are toxic distractions and even temptations for the Christian, but how can we escape it? Charlie Blythe encourages us out of her own experience of anxiety from her teenage years. ???

"Worry is a sign that you dont know God well enough."

This clip is from Episode 1 of TBN Presents: Charlie Blythe: "Deadly Distractions". Watch the full series on-demand:

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Charlie Blythe is the European Regional Director at A21 global, an award winning charity that seeks to end slavery. You can find out more about A21 at

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TV channel: TBN UK

Published: 2021-08-26

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